March 25 (civil) / March 12 (church)

Enlightened by the grace of the Cross, thou wast shown forth as a radiant lamp of repentance, dispelling the darkness of the passions, O all-holy one. Wherefore, thou didst appear as an angel in the flesh unto the sacred Zosimas in the wilderness. O Mary, our righteous mother, do thou intercede with Christ for us.

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2018 Lent and Pascha Schedule of Services

Our Schedule

Regular services on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Please join our email list for notifications of last minute changes and special services thoughout the church liturgical year.

Saturday Evening:

Vespers or Vigil (before major Feasts) with Confession: 5:30 PM

Sunday Morning:

Confession: 9:30 AM
Hours and Divine Liturgy: 9:45 AM

The Bible tells us that in God's time, the day begins with evening ("The evening and the morning were the first day"), so the services of the Church begin in the evening with Vespers, a service that in some ways "closes" the day that is past and in other ways begins the new day. The next morning, the services of the Third Hour and the Sixth Hour continue the services of that day, followed immediately by the Divine Liturgy.

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